A collection of research, data and trend reports for luxury marketers

U.S Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth

The 2016 U.S. Trust Insights on Wealth and Worth® survey explores who the wealthy are, where they came from, how they built and are sustaining their wealth and what they want to do with it. Read the survey results...

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Knight Frank Wealth Report

In this edition of The Wealth Report we share the first-hand investment perspectives and experiences of Massimo Ferragamo and Goodwin Gaw. In addition, the report also features the latest research from leading wealth analysts and commentators. Read the full report...

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The New Davids

Since the great recession, the influx of new e-commerce driven businesses, competing across fashion, beauty, accessories and home goods is more impactful than many realize. We call these brands the “New Davids.” The common thread the “New Davids” share is that they...

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