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An Open Letter to Our Members – Introducing the Luxe Cannabis Society

Quality. Integrity. Discretion. Confidentiality.

While we acknowledge the legitimate concerns of those who fear cannabis consumption, particularly with respect to its influence upon minors, we have arrived at the conclusion that its positives outweigh its negatives and that now is the time to introduce a service that is trusted, validated, informative, confidential and committed to delivering only the finest premium products—as befits a bespoke environment where product and service match the demanding needs of our discerning members.

The people have spoken at the ballot box, and cannabis, either for medicinal or recreational use, is now legal in 30 states, with 10 more soon to follow, the posturing of Federal authorities, notwithstanding. Adult-use of cannabis is now legal in California, and as of January 1st 2018, cannabis retailers and cultivators will be able to start applying for state licenses to grow and sell, with tight regulatory controls that promise stringent production, distribution and marketing oversight.  A staggering revenue stream, once lost to illegal purveyors will now funnel into state coffers. The established agribusiness, pharmaceutical and viniculture entities who are currently circling the field awaiting the final go-ahead signal, will step in and rationalize (if not seek to dominate) the industry as they would any other branded consumer category.


At preliminary meetings conducted by The Luxury Marketing Council to solicit member opinion, we were mightily surprised by the feedback. The majority of those interested in cannabis were female, skewed older (over 45), with many having been former cancer patients. At a major winery conference held in early 2107, the subject of cannabis and wine, as partners in vineyard fields as well as the tasting rooms, elicited great interest among the most conservative of wine industry players.

What we have learned is that cannabis, as a potent therapeutic supplement, is garnering significant interest among our member cohorts—Boomers and Millennials alike. While some will deniably seek the recreational high, the majority crave respite from the assorted physical and psychic ills that befit an aging or health-deprived society in constant need of analgesic remedy. In our modern, fast-paced culture, anxiety, insomnia, and aches and pains are the most common ailments, all of which cannabis can address without psycho-activity or side effects. As Richard Branson notes, “It’s not about buying another watch or sports car… the ultimate luxury is being able to wake up every day feeling good.”

The Luxe Cannabis Society is managed and run by the same trusted team responsible for the development and management of The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco. No other parties are involved in the Society’s ownership, mission and direction. Transparency is paramount in how the Society conducts its affairs, and Society members can remain assured that they are members of a community that operates with the highest integrity, is responsive to its members’ needs and respects its members’ privacy with the same degree of ferocity as Donald Trump applies to his IRS filings. In short, those wishing to become part of the Luxe Cannabis Society are assured of absolute quality, integrity, discretion and confidentiality.


The protocol and process for joining and belonging have been deliberately kept simple and effortless:

  • No dues
  • No time or contractual commitments
  • Easy and fast enrollment by phone, email or face-to-face meeting
  • No minimum purchase requirements
  • Easy payment via cash or credit card
  • Complete confidentiality and total privacy with respect to purchase and consumption activity
  • Access to experienced advisors who are responsive, intuitive, personable, empathetic and authentic in their interaction with their clients and customers

Cannabis is considered to be one of the most extraordinary plants on earth with more than 45 therapeutic applications shown to treat anxiety, acute and chronic pain, insomnia, auto-immune disease and even cancer. As with all things, the quality of the products and the consumer experience can vary wildly; which is why the Luxe Cannabis Society has gone to great lengths to seek out and collaborate with the company we believe to be most aligned with our values and discerning tastes.

The Luxe Cannabis Society is privileged to offer the exclusive products and services of HerbaBuena which offers exceptional service, information and cannabis products noted for their purity, potency and effect.  HerbaBuena is setting the standard for a new culture of luxury and well-being through cannabis, and is to cannabis what grand cru is to Burgundian wine—without the attached haughtiness or expensive price point.


Luxe Cannabis Society members can avail themselves of any or all of the following offerings and benefits:

  • Access to the only dispensary in California committed to providing 100% purity-tested, pesticide- and chemical-free cannabis products
  • It’s no longer just about getting high. For those not interested in smoking pot, there are tailored products, delivery methods (topicals, edibles, tinctures, vapor) and potencies (THC, CBD, terpene profiles) to best meet your own personal health needs—from completely non-psychoactive, therapeutic CBD products and effective topicals, to micro-dosed elixirs, vaporizers, and healthy edibles—even products for pets!
  • A complimentary health consultation with one of HerbaBuena’s highly trained CannaConsultants
  • Complimentary delivery on your first order, and on all future orders of $100 or more
  • Free admission and tastings for you and a guest to all HerbaBuena social club events throughout the Bay Area
  • Assistance in securing your medical cannabis ID card—confidentially and online. As of today, you may possess up to 1oz of cannabis. However, until the state of California allows for recreational permits, you must be a member of a medical collective (like HerbaBuena), with a doctor’s recommendation to purchase cannabis products. You can get your doctor’s recommendation through HelloMD or MeadowMD, both of which are HIIPA compliant, confidential tele-health services

If you have any specific questions about the therapeutic value of cannabis and/or membership in the Luxe Cannabis Society, we’ll be happy to provide that information privately by phone or email and without obligation. And, if you are already open to, or currently using cannabis, please feel free to contact us and we’ll arrange an immediate introduction to HerbaBuena where you will receive a complimentary consultation and access to their thoughtfully-curated collection of purity-tested, award-winning products that will be discreetly delivered to your door anywhere in California. Don’t forget, consultations, Social Club tickets and order delivery are all complimentary for Luxe Cannabis Society members.


  • The therapeutic value of cannabis
  • The best way to use cannabis (e.g., topicals, edibles, tinctures, vapor, smoking, etc.)  
  • How to join the Luxe Cannabis Society
  • How to purchase cannabis products (if you are a current user with a cannabis ID card)
  • How to apply for a cannabis ID card
  • How to receive a private consultation on the use and efficacy of cannabis products
  • How to learn more about the products, services and benefits provided by HerbaBuena

Fill out an information request form (button below) or, call 415-332-1085 or email us at

The Inauguration of The Luxe Cannabis Society

Held Wednesday October 25th

More than 80 people partook of cannabis-related information, products and services provided by HerbaBuenasetting the standard in the Bay Area for a new culture of luxury and well-being through cannabis.

Fine wines were served by Faust

Photography by Lowell Downey, Art & Clarity

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