Introducing The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco


The Luxury Marketing Council, a business organization of CEOs and senior sales and marketing practitioners, is considered the global leader in the rapidly-growing arena of luxury marketing and the “Gold Standard” for the intelligent exploration of best marketing practices and trends in the luxury marketplace.

Since 1994, the Council has developed a network of global chapters representing leading luxury brands, their CEOs and CMOs. These chapters include:

  • Chicago
  • Connecticut
  • Dubai
  • Los Angeles
  • Napa/Sonoma
  • New York
  • Orange County
  • San Francisco
  • Sao Paulo

The San Francisco chapter delivers an intensive program of intimately-exclusive, member-only, monthly events at which experts in the luxury arena present valuable and relevant, proprietary research, trend data and best practices and members network with peers in a private and confidential setting that encourages learning, collaboration and the sharing of information and experiences.

In addition, the Council annually facilitates more than 200 + marketing alliances, introductions, collaborations and jointly-sponsored marketing programs by virtue of its broad member network and extensive databank of 10,000 marketing and sales influentials.

In short, the Council brings together the Bay Area’s smartest and most innovative marketers of luxury products and services to explore best practices, critical issues and trends. The result is a “spontaneous combustion that provides Council members with a unique platform for growing revenue, share-of-wallet and loyalty of the luxury market’s best customers…the 4 + million individuals in the U.S. with liquid portfolios of $1,000,000 or more.

For further information about The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco, please contact Alf Nucifora at 415-332-1085 and at

Alf Nucifora


Alf Nucifora is the Chairman and Founder of The Luxury Marketing Council of San Francisco which incorporates Carmel-Monterey, Silicon Valley and Napa-Sonoma. Currently, he also serves as principal of a marketing consulting firm, having “retired” from the responsibilities as Chairman of the Southeast office of a $310 million advertising agency in 1990.

A native of Brisbane, Australia, Alf entered the advertising and marketing business on the corporate side working for two Fortune 500 companies, first in Australia and then in the United States. He then made the move to the advertising business and later advanced into agency management.

Alf, who is an avid spokesperson for the continued growth and success of the marketing profession, delivers speeches and seminars dedicated to sales, marketing and communications to Fortune 500 companies, organizations and associations across the country and abroad.

Alf graduated from the University of Queensland with a B.A. Degree. He furthered his formal education in the United States, attending the Harvard Business School, where he earned an M.B.A. Degree.

Debbie Norton Nucifora

Vice President – Operations and Finance

With more than 19 years in the management of professional services firms, Debbie oversees the operational, administrative and financial affairs of The Luxury Marketing Council chapters of San Francisco.

in addition to her corporate background, she has extensive experience in the entrepreneurial sector as a partner in two successful start-up ventures.

An avid traveler, Debbie maintains a strong interest in matters relating to the travel and hospitality industries and is a passionate advocate for her adopted city of San Francisco to which she moved in 2005.

Tricia Sanders

Digital Editor
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