Survivor Stories of the Great Wine Fires of 2017

Survivors of the Great Wine Fires of 2017, all of whom incurred exceptional loss, including reduction to ashes of their homes and all they own, tell their tales—of heartbreaking loss, of the outreach of family and friends, of the selfless support of strangers and first responders, of the fear and insecurity of what confronts them in the months ahead—and of an innate spirit of determination and resilience that they never knew they had.

But ultimately, this is a story of personal tragedy—not just a matter of statistic’s (6000 buildings lost), but one that affects flesh-and-blood families. This will become increasingly important as the Great Wine Fires of 2017 recede from the headlines and memories fade. That’s when the victims will most need our help.

Campaigns to support individuals in need can be found at Use search term “Napa and Sonoma Fires”

Meet three of our members who experienced devastating losses…

Suzanne O’Brien

4th Generation Santa Rosan and Respected Coldwell Banker Realtor


Brenda Burke

Manager of Community Outreach & Strategic Partnerships
Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch (JARR)


Gemma Kochis

Director of Hospitality
Inglenook Winery


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