Introducing The Luxury Marketing Council and Its World-Wide Network

Luxury Marketing Council Global ChaptersThe Luxury Marketing Council, a business organization of CEOs and senior sales and marketing practitioners, is considered the global leader in the rapidly-growing arena of luxury marketing and the “Gold Standard” for the intelligent exploration of best marketing practices and trends in the luxury marketplace.

Since 1994, the Council has developed a network of global chapters representing leading luxury brands, their CEOs and CMOs. In short, the Council brings together the smartest and most innovative marketers of luxury products and services to explore best practices, critical issues and trends. The result is a “spontaneous combustion that provides Council members with a unique platform for growing revenue, share-of-wallet and loyalty of the luxury market’s best customers…the 4 + million individuals in the U.S. with liquid portfolios of $1,000,000 or more.

For further information about the global reach, activities and benefits that The Luxury Marketing Council delivers, click HERE

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