Thursday, February 11th | 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM
To help provide a much-needed roadmap for business success in 2021, LuxeSF is delighted to have back the Nostradamus of economic theory and prediction, Jose Rasco, Managing Director, Head of Investment Strategy at HSBC Private Bank.

Thursday, April 1st | 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM

LuxeSF introduces this new program series which distills wisdom from difficult real estate transactions and translates that knowledge into detailed and actionable learning that helps other Realtors avoid those very same challenges.

A liquidated damages provision is a boilerplate, but rarely invoked, addition to every real estate contract, but when activated, it carries significant risk for uninitiated buyers and their agents. However, the recent tsunami of real estate contracts negotiated and signed for “sight unseen” properties during the COVID-19 pandemic has driven this issue to the surface, much to the chagrin of agents who have not previously encountered the situation, let alone the monetary and relationship penalties that erupt as part of the process. 

Prominent San Francisco and Marin-based Realtor, Tyler Stewart has walked the walk. In this in-depth and candid conversation she outlines the facts of a transaction that cut right to the center of the liquidated damages issue, reprises the surrounding discourse that accompanied the dispute and delivers the priceless learning she drew from the experience. Let hers be a lesson to others. The attorney who represented Tyler in the process, Chris Skelton, will join the conversation to provide the supporting litigator’s perspective.

How Did Napa & Sonoma Wineries Really Fare and How Should They Adapt in 2021?
Thursday, April 15th | 10.00 AM – 11.00 AM

Ask the management of Napa and Sonoma wineries about the impact of COVID-19 upon their business and operations and you’ll receive a multitude of opinions, from braggadocios tales of unimpeded success to tragic reports of despair and loss. While the center cut of opinion seems to be one of cautious optimism as we enter 2021, one can’t help but detect a palpable note of “whistling past the graveyard” as the industry addresses the inevitable fear and confusion that defined 2020 and bleeds into 2021.

To gain a more precise understanding of the issues confronting the industry going forward, LuxeSF has gathered a panel of eminently-qualified expert practitioners to provide Napa and Sonoma wineries, particularly smaller producers, with understanding and clarity about what happened in 2020 as a result of COVID-19, how it changed the marketing protocols and what it means for long-term survival in terms of tectonic marketing shifts.

  • SHAMUS DONLON, Director, Luxury DTC Marketing & Operations, E. & G. Gallo Winery
  • MICHAEL OSBORN, Founder & Executive Vice President, wine.com
  • DR. LIZ THACH, Distinguished Professor of Wine and Management at Sonoma State University


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